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Obviously we absolutely love what we do. Either you need to work on your Sustainable Business Strategy, Sustainable Communication or you are interested in implementing a Circular System Strategy. You decide.

Sustainability is not a Trend, it’s a Business Imperative

Sustainable Business Strategy

Strategy, Due Diligence, Process & Product

Are you striving to become a sustainable fashion leader? You are in the right place: with our Sustainable Business Strategy trajectory, our Rebels will guide you through setting up and implementing a sustainable business strategy from start to finish. Our goals is not just to help you implement this new strategy, but also help you create awareness both within and outside of your company, so that you can lead the fashion industry into becoming a more sustainable one. 

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On 25 September, 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals of these objectives are to put an end to poverty, inequality and climate change and form an agenda for achieving sustainable, inclusive development up to 2030. 

Rethink Rebels helps companies to link these SDGs to your organization’s existing strategy and find your way to achieve alignment with these global objectives. 

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Communication

Internal onboarding & External transparency

To share your sustainable story strongly and effectively, you have to convey your message both in-company and to the outside world. At Rethink Rebels, we can help you do both. After all, it is very important to communicate with your target group during every step of the way, whether you are just starting out or have already made quite some miles as a sustainable business. It’s all about transparency. 

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Circular System Strategy

Innovative Fashion Business Models

What does circularity mean and when can you claim circularity for your company? These questions are often posed by companies ready to take on the world of circular production, which you are one of! During our Circular System Strategy trajectory, we will help you define circularity and help you develop a circular system to increase your products’ lifespan for you to be able to make valid circular claims.

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Expert Guidance

Additional Sustainable Services

No need for full package guidance, but ready to up your sustainable fashion game? Our additional services, such as our Sustainable Materials Tool, Circular Fashion Workshop, online masterclasses and our consultancy membership can help you (further) implement sustainability in your business. Also, this is a great way to get to know each other and for you to become familiar with the way we Rebels work.

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