How it works.

Take a look at our services – we guide you towards meaningful and tangible results.


Understand sustainability better and apply this knowledge in your life, your business, and positively transform the fashion industry. We make it personal, we make it fun, we break it down and take you by the hand. We are your one-stop-shop that provides you with the service, support and results.

Our approach.

What does our process look like?



We kick off by understanding your business, challenges, processes and define your long-term goals.



With our created roadmap we make sure that your goals and strategy are in place.



Each step of the way we support you and your team. We make sure the roadmap is implemented and everyone is on board.


Getting our clients meaningful and tangible results is what makes us proud. We can’t wait to help you enjoy the same results.
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Our services.

6 Simple steps – YOU can take

sustainability consultancy def

Sustainability Consultancy

We help businesses on their sustainability journey, creation of your roadmap to reach your goals. Whether you are a startup, scale up or established international brand that wants to create a sustainability plan, measure impacts on the environment, create policies: we have your back.

We are skilled in:

  • Sustainable strategy 3-5 year planning
  • Measuring environmental impact (LCA)
  • Sustainable materials and tools
    CSR policies
  • Certifications (GOTS/GRS/FSC/RCS and more)
  • Risk analysis: country, supplier, materials, products
  • Stakeholder involvement and materiality analysis
Rethinkrebels academy

Training and courses

Online training programs to accelerate your knowledge and experience within the sustainable and circular fashion industry.

We can help you with:

  • Develop your own sustainable strategy
  • Sustainable materials
  • Measure environmental impact 
  • Circular design & business models
  • Transparent communication
  • Innovation & tech
  • Much more
transparent communication def

Transparent Communication

Convey your message consistently based on facts. Communicate your efforts without coming across as greenwashing.

We can help you with:

  • Sustainable year reports
  • Communication structure website & social media
  • Ratings & Benchmarks
  • Supplier manuals
  • Responsible Business Conduct
  • Internal & external onboarding through workshops & training
circularity pilots def

Circularity Pilots

You want to be innovative, competitive and adapt new circular business models because of many reasons. Not only scarcity of resources, lower costs, enhanced brand equity but also customer demands.

We have proven results in:

  • Circular design projects (with our own base of circular fashion designers)
  • Products-as-a-service models (rental/lease)
  • Implement technology to enhance transparency and optimize processes (QR/blockchain/AI etc)
  • Circular business strategy for your specific opportunities
sustainability coaching def

Sustainability Coaching

A sustainable strategy has rolled out and is promoted, however not everyone is fully in line with the sustainability team. How can you internally as well as externally get the sustainability message out there, that everyone carries the message. As you know, sustainability is a journey and we guide and coach you to take the steps that enable us to practice what we preach.

With our 1:1 coaching you are able to:

  • Become an expert in sustainable business
  • Ensure teams are aligned and talk the walk
  • Make informed decisions and back them up with data
  • Contribute more to the solution than to the problem
  • Combine sustainability with commercial goals
  • Have a positive impact in the fashion industry
Rachel speaker def


Pass the mic and Rachel is ready to tell her story about sustainability and circularity. She loves to inspire your audience about this important topic.

This can be done through a:

  • Personal story
  • Lecture/Training/Workshop
  • Motivational story
  • Q&A sessions
  • Pannellist
  • Or a mix of the above!
  • Including lots of action and interaction

Join our RethinkRebels Academy

Get to meet like-minded sustainability-focused individuals - learn and grow together.

Learn from experts, alongside your peers. We’ve created a flexible, online learnings and courses with hands-on assignments, tools/news, live Q&A sessions and workbooks.