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Because we believe today’s winners both benefit to people and planet and perform financially 

We are experts when it comes to sustainability, information, and reporting. Are you interested in circular productions? We know the drill. Need improvement within your supply chain? We got you. 

We are experts when it comes to sustainability, information, and reporting

Everything we do is linked together; your sustainability strategy, your business models and how you report to stakeholders. We often hear from our customers that they value this in our approach. 

Sustainability is not a Trend, it’s a Business Imperative

Sustainability: Strategic answers & Remaining relevant

Changing market conditions, fast-paced technologies, demanding stakeholders, new regulations, certificates, and initiatives. Which strategic answers are there to remain relevant? Each company is different and simple solutions don’t exist. But whatever the answer is, it’s always good to understand trends and market developments. Always, we share our knowledge and challenge you to rethink.

The fashion industry needs to take leadership in driving sustainable solutions

Global Fashion Agenda is the foremost leadership forum for industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion. Their 8 most crucial sustainability priorities set out for the fashion industry offers guidance and focus. These priorities are linked with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UN. 

Priorities for the Fashion Industry

Supply Chain Traceability | Combatting Climate Change | Efficient Use of Water, Energy, and Chemicals | Respectful and Secure Work Environments | Sustainable Material Mix | Circular Fashion System | Promotion of Better Wage Systems | Fourth Industrial Revolution

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Rethink Rebels develops an honest and real narrative and vision for your business that demonstrates a positive contribution to society and ultimately delivers financial performance. It’s important that all stakeholders will be involved to create the type of change that is needed. Consequently, we work together with you to build thorough communication strategies and multi-channel storytelling. 

Sustainability goes hand in hand with a focus on external reporting, as what matters is partly dependent on the interests and expectations of stakeholders. Rethink Rebels helps you interact with your stakeholders, both internally as externally. 

Ratings & Benchmarks

Rating agencies and other external parties now ask businesses seemingly unlimited questions. Rethink Rebels can help by collecting the necessary information and filling in questionnaires you need to be benchmarked and rated correspondingly. 

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