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Rethink Rebels offers professional and pragmatic sustainability advice for individuals and businesses to master, feel confident, and absolutely ready to implement all aspects that are important to people and our planet.

Sustainable fashion consultancy

Sustainability Consultancy

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Transparent Communication

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Circularity pilots

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Sustainability Coaching

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RethinkRebels Academy

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    On a mission to change fashion.

    Rachel Cannegieter has spent over 20 years creating breakthroughs and transforming the fashion industry.

    What our clients say…

    Anne Karine Lemstra

    Rethink Rebels is a perfect fit for our company. With their commercial experience, can-do attitude and immense drive for change, they have not only helped us in only a few months to set up a clearly defined strategy, but also initiated multiple immediate actions, have motivated stakeholders throughout the company and in addition, as one of our sales managers explained it, “they has made sustainability fun!” 

    Anne Karine Lemstra
    Vice President of Product Management & Sustainability at PF Concept
    sara toth

    I feel super lucky to be able to work with Rethink Rebels and have conversations like this to further accelerate the transition towards the sustainable fashion industry. I’d recommend their services to anyone who is interested in sustainable fashion, let it be someone who wants to be sustainable in his/her daily life or someone who works in the fashion industry. From fashion designers through small brands to big organisations I believe everyone can take something home and implement your knowledge in practice.

    Sara Toth
    Founder at PALANTA.CO
    lonneke bakker

    I would recommend Rethink Rebels to textile companies that really want to work on sustainability and produce responsibly, but need a helping hand to apply complicated concepts. They work correctly, professionally and deliver quality, playing a connecting role between the technical expectations from politics, the concerns of the clothing consumer, and the practical reality of the production of clothing companies.

    Lonneke Bakker
    Stakeholder Four Paws, Friends of the Earth

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    Tos Gallery
    Brand District
    ETP dressed identities
    Totote studio
    Euretco Fashion

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    10% for the people & planet

    Being able to give back to various grassroots fashion + sustainability charities and no-profits empowers others and is the right thing to do. Annually, we donate 10% of profits to various fashion + sustainability charities and non-profits that are doing amazing work. In honor of our 2020 revenue, we have donated to Trees for All.


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