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Everything we do, we believe in, is based on rethinking the current system.

We accelerate and challenge the world's transition to circular fashion. 

Hi. We are Rethink Rebels.

The hunger for a fairer, greener, less wasteful society is growing. Our world is evolving towards a tipping point, after which circular fashion will be the standard, not the exception. The way we challenge this is by developing services to minimize the impact on the environment and having a positive impact on people and the community.  

Because we rebel for a cause, not for applause.


Sustainable Business Strategy

Striving to become a sustainable fashion leader? During this trajectory, our Rebels will guide you through setting up and implementing a sustainable business strategy from start to finish.

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Transparent Communication

Want to share your sustainable message with the world? At Rethink Rebels, we will help you convey your vision strongly both within and outside of your company. Enthusiasm guaranteed!

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Circular System Strategy


Ready to tackle the world of circularity? Our Rebels will help you define circularity and develop a circular system within your business. Are you prepared to set a leading example?

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Expert Guidance


Looking for some expert guidance? At Rethink Rebels, we can offer you some tools, workshops and online courses to help you turn your business into a sustainable and circular one. Ready to dive in?

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“A new ‘beauty’ that makes women attractive without destroying the planet.”

Franca Sozzani, Editor in chief Italian Vogue 

Don’t just take our word for it!

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We believe in a transparant, fun, bright & inspiring approach to a circular fashion industry. Want to be inspired?

Rethink Rebels touches on sustainable topics and solutions during our workshops and speaking gigs.

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Free advice to get started

First, we listen carefully. What do you need? What are your ambitions?

Then we dig in and set out to integrate sustainability and circularity within your business, matching your policy, due diligence practices and management systems. We identify and measure impacts on people and planet, we create a customized action plan and monitor its progress along the way. And, of course, we involve all your stakeholders in this sustainable journey.

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