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We are your next level sustainability consultancy, meeting your needs in finding answers to many challenges in the field of sustainability. Because we believe today’s winners perform both financially and benefit to people and planet. We offer a value-driven business strategy which meets that.

“We dream of a world without exploitation or harm to humans, animals & nature. Through creativity, knowledge and data analysis we offer sustainable solutions for the fashion industry”

Brand storytelling will ultimately maximize your business’s visibility, profit, and impact. So, instead of dealing with customers: connect with your tribe,  be unforgettable, be profitable, and be human.  We are happy to help you!

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“A new ‘beauty’ that makes women attractive without destroying the planet.”

Franca Sozzani, Editor in chief Italian Vogue 


“Look at it as an opportunity: making sustainable & circular fashion exciting actually… ” 

Stella McCartney, Fashion designer 

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We perform a wide range of activities for our customers, such as workshops, talks, in-depth studies, and analyzes. Because it requires understanding within your organization too. You’ll get tailor-made solutions and a clear understanding of what works best for your company.

We design KPIs and help businesses implement them successfully

Rethink Rebels consultants are experts when it comes to sustainability, information, and reporting. We design KPIs and help businesses implement them successfully. We strengthen the quality of internal and external reporting, for all your involved stakeholders. We make sure that in everything we do the strategy, your business model and the external environment of the company are linked together.

A tool on the basis of a simple questionnaire to receive a personalized action plan

The Sustainable Fashion Tool makes it easier for a fashion company to do more sustainable business. It is a tool on the basis of a simple questionnaire to receive a personalized action plan from which you can get concrete tips and tools. Do not hesitate and get started right away!

Free Sustainable Fashion Tool

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