We have to save our planet.

We help fashion brands to become sustainable and circular.

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Fashion businesses can create the change we need to transition towards a circular economy. By moving towards a circular economy businesses can capture significant benefits, including increased growth, competitive advantage, cost reduction, reduced energy consumption and increased supply chain security. And even most importantly: a future our planet and for fashion. This requires rebellious leadership, innovative thinking and responsible action throughout the supply chain.

We rebel for a cause, not for applause.

We break the rules of fashion
Sustainable Business Strategy
  • Do you want to develop your sustainable fashion brand to stay relevant for the next GEN, create value, and take responsibility?
  • Are you searching for the right sustainable policy, following all international guidelines, and do due diligence?
Transparent Communication
  • Do you want to build trust with your customers through education on your sustainability efforts? 
  • Are you searching for ways to make your customers understand the positive impact of sustainable products by connecting the benefits?
Expert Guidance
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding of sustainable fashion? 
  • Do you want to measure your CO2 footprint, circular strategies and understand how blockchain and other technology could work for your company? 
Is this you?

Are you a Rebel?

  • Do you need your company to be more sustainable by having a sustainable business strategy service, making it understandable?
  • Are you a marketeer, wanting to transparently communicate? Let us help you with that! 
  • Not sure what you need yet? Let’s talk about it! 
  • Do you want to deepen your understanding of sustainable fashion? Our sustainable fashion online masterclasses can help you with that.
  • All the knowledge I’ve gained in 20 years will help me transfer it to you!
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Trees for all
Future Fashion Factory


Don’t just take our word for it! Curious what might be in store for you? Find powerful stories from our community right here. We’ve worked with organizations and brands such as AMFI, Modint, Mumster, Serendipity Vintage Dreamer, A-Brend, Brand District, Soak.it, Tototè.studio, TOS gallery, Euretco fashion, Wibra, Emergo Textile Projects, PF Concept…just to name a few.

We rebel for a cause, not for applause. 

    “There is no such thing as waste in nature of in fashion”

    Rachel Cannegieter

    I am not easily enthusiastic about people but if you are looking for someone who has to move mountains in a short time and can easily work with people in this field than you should hire Rethink Rebels 

    Jeroen Markink

    Head of buying and Sourcing, Wibra

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    What we believe in.

    We believe in a transparant, fun, bright & inspiring approach to a sustainable fashion industry. Want to be inspired? Rethink Rebels touches on sustainable topics and solutions during our workshops and speaking gigs.

    Its me
    Head Rebel, consultant & Coach

    Rachel has over 20 years of fashion industry experience, and worked in several roles such as buying, product management, and sales management. Worked together with 50+ brands out of 10 different countries and set up sustainable strategies and implemented this pragmatically and collaboratively. These brands include several SER (Social and Economic council) signatories who have to meet high due diligence reporting standards. I’m also teaching students of Amsterdam Fashion Institute the business side of sustainable fashion. My goal is to make the fashion industry circular. Together we can achieve this. That is why I share all my knowledge and experience about this with you, so that you can implement it and achieve substantial sustainable growth for our future generations.