We rebel to create sustainable supply chains.

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We are Rethink Rebels.

The hunger for a fairer, greener, less consumerist society is growing. Our world is evolving towards a tipping point, after which sustainable fashion will be the standard, not the exception. Through creativity, lots of experience in the fashion industry and thorough analysis, we can help you become the leading example of the fashion industry with our sustainable and circular solutions

We rebel for a cause, not for applause.

We break the rules of fashion
Sustainable business strategy

1. Sustainable Business Strategy

Striving to become a sustainable fashion leader? During this trajectory, our Rebels will guide you through setting up and implementing a sustainable business strategy from start to finish.

Transparant communication2

2. Transparent Communication

Want to share your sustainable message with the world? At Rethink Rebels, we will help you convey your vision strongly both within and outside of your company. Enthusiasm guaranteed!

circular system strategy4

3. Circular System Strategy

Ready to tackle the world of circularity? Our Rebels will help you define circularity and develop a circular system within your business. Are you prepared to set a leading example?

Expert Guidance

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Rethink and challenge the current status quo and minimize the negative impact on the environment, people, and the community. Supported by contemporary business examples, we bring the newest information structured and organized, and for sure you will get passionate about this as much as we are.  

“Buy less, choose well, make it last”

Vivienne Westwood



Don’t just take our word for it! Curious what might be in store for you? Find powerful stories from our community right here. We’ve worked with organizations and brands such as AMFI, Modint, Mumster, Serendipity Vintage Dreamer, A-Brend, Brand District, Soak.it, Tototè.studio, TOS gallery, Euretco fashion, Wibra, Emergo Textile Projects, PF Concept…just to name a few.

We rebel for a cause, not for applause. 

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Head of Fashion & Design at   Amsterdam Fashion Institute

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Founder at Fashion agency Brand District

Read the success story off Mariska Schennink"

MVO manager at Euretco Fashion B.V.

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Founder at Sourcing agency “Soak”

Read the success story off Nienke Steen

Senior consultant at Corporate Responsibility Modint

I am not easily enthusiastic about people but if you are looking for someone who has to move mountains in a short time and can easily work with people in this field than you should hire Rethink Rebels 

Jeroen Markink

Head of buying and Sourcing, Wibra

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We believe in a transparant, fun, bright & inspiring approach to a sustainable fashion industry. Want to be inspired? Rethink Rebels touches on sustainable topics and solutions during our workshops and speaking gigs.

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