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Are you ready to leave your own mark on the fashion industry? We understand that sustainability is more than just a professional goal - it's an inner passion. Join us on a journey to not only change the industry but also yourself.
Empowering Fashion Professionals to Rethink the Industry
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More and more people want the fashion industry to take responsibility for the negative impact it makes, and upcoming regulations and consumer demand are driving change. Yet, transforming the industry from the inside out can get overwhelming fast.
Sustainability needs leaders, rebels, and individuals who bring about change.
If you don’t know where to start or think you lack the skills, knowledge, or power to make a difference, we’ve got you covered.
The RethinkRebels Academy gives you access to more than 25 years of knowledge in a way that is easy to understand, inspiring, and online.
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With the Academy, you’ll learn the right tools, proven strategies, and handy secrets to make an immediate impact and get others to make long-lasting, positive changes.

Right now, the world needs strong leaders who rethink the fashion industry from the ground up. If you go to the RethinkRebels Academy, you'll learn how to be that leader, that rebel, that changemaker - at work, in your team and everywhere else.
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To make a real difference, companies need to take a systematic approach to sustainability. In practice, every team member implements small yet essential steps specific to their functions.

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Lead the way to a more responsible business. Provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively manage and improve the sustainability performance.
3 months
2-3 hours/week
Elevate your fashion expertise with our short courses.
Are you deeply passionate about fashion and determined to make a meaningful impact? Our short courses in sustainable fashion provide the essential knowledge you need without lengthy commitments.
Discover a dynamic synergy between RethinkRebels Academy and our esteemed partner, Coachman Training. Immerse yourself in a blend of cutting-edge courses and expert training in chemicals, product safety, eco designing, AQL quality control, fit improvement, and more. Elevate your skills through this impactful union, charting a course towards excellence in the dynamic world of fashion. Join us in reshaping the industry – together, let's craft a more vibrant, responsible, and empowered future. Your skills, our guidance – transform the world of fashion with confidence and energy!
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Empowering Fashion Professionals to Rethink the Industry