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Problems in the fashion industry.

What are some of the developments that are impacting fashion businesses right now?

  1. Changing wants & needs of the consumer.
  2. Evolving laws, regulations and geopolitical dynamics.
  3. Technological advancements.
  4. Structural industry shifts.
  5. New patterns of personal consumption.

It’s only getting more complicated, exponentially faster with businesses setting increasingly higher goals while more law enforcements are lurking. How to keep up in all of this? And how to make responsible and informed decisions ? And how to get the team aligned internally?

It’s time to get you ready for the new circular economy. Get prepared to take your next step in your sustainability career now!

This is where we come in.

Rethink Rebels Academy

What is the RethinkRebels Academy?

Online Training by Rachel Cannegieter

All courses are made by Rachel Cannegieter

Rachel Cannegieter is a business consultant from the Amsterdam area, the Netherlands. She started RethinkRebels in 2019, and since then has impacted over 1000+ professionals, teaches at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, coaches individuals, is a public speaker, but above all she is a sustainable fashion rebel and changemaker.

Online course platform: always a course for sale

Our online courses help individuals and brands to understand sustainability better and apply knowledge to thrive in the fashion business. We offer courses in Dutch and English. Up until now, we have sold over hundreds of courses in a year and still continue to grow.

Access to our community and insightful resources

Learning together in our unique multi-disciplinary community gives you the opportunity to discuss and develop relationships with fellow professionals, get inspired, engaged and stimulated. And there is more: new blogs, videos, or podcasts.

Masterclasses rethinkrebels3

What’s in it for you?

What will you get? 

  • You receive clear and hands-on information about sustainable fashion.
  • You learn how that impacts the fashion industry, businesses and your role as a fashion professional.
  • You get informed, inspired and enthusiastic about these topics.
  • You learn to contribute to positive change and innovation.
  • You get direction for your sustainable strategy, which steps to take and which actions are needed to make it happen.
  • You learn to make informed and responsible decisions in every position that contributes to a better future and industry.
RethinkRebels apparaten

More than ever businesses need sustainability professionals in every position.

Transform your role in the fashion industry and become a sustainability expert.

Annemarie de jong

As a fashion product manager/buyer for over 15 years, I have learned a lot about the need for sustainable strategies and how to develop them. I also found all the accompanying reading material, videos by best practices, and resources very useful. Rachel is a super enthusiastic person, a source of information and inspiration. That enabled me to make the newly learned information my own quite fast. The conclusion is that Rachel has turned me into a  rebel, ready to implement this on the work floor and teach my team how to make a positive impact in the fashion industry together!

Annemarie de Jonge
Buyer, Product Manager & Developer
Bianca Streng

RethinkRebels gave me countless examples and tools to shape and realize the challenges and opportunities that come with the transition to a circular fashion system. As a fashion designer and consultant for over 15 years, I can now guide my clients even better regarding their sustainable missions with a clear sustainable strategy. This masterclass gives a tremendous amount of knowledge, energy, and inspiration to apply in practice. I highly recommended it to every fashion professional who believes in a circular fashion system but doesn't know yet where and how to start.

Bianca Streng
Fashion & Graphic designer
heidi korterink

In my current role, I want to focus more on sustainability, make more informed decisions and communicate about this more transparently. My struggle was that I didn’t know where to start, how to implement it, and find the right arguments to really inspire my colleagues and the management. In the Sustainable Strategy masterclass, I learned about the basics of developing a sustainable strategy with the right tools, inspiration from other brands, and guidance by Rachel on how to develop this step by step. This resulted in informed decisions, internal discussions with the teams, and step-by-step improvement of our business and supply chain.


Heidi Korterink
Sr. Purchasing & Sustainability

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We create these classes just for you in Dutch and English.

Develop your sustainable strategy small

Develop a sustainable strategy that actually converts

Why you do things is the BASIS of a purpose-driven professional and brand.

In this online course, our roadmap is explained in 3 modules to help you develop your sustainability strategy step by step and in line with the newest legislative framework. 

A quick overview of our roadmap:

1. Discover what drives you internally and how to razor-sharp communicate this

2. Identify what drives you externally and how to meet all (conflicting) needs

3. Develop your own supply chain risk analysis and make an action plan.

Create Actual Sustainable products feet

Create actual sustainable products that sell

Making responsible decisions in today’s world can only hold value if they are founded on evidence-based data.

In this online course, our roadmap is explained in 3 modules to help you develop an environmental footprint calculation for both products and services, based on open-source data (Idemat and Ecoinvent dataset). Including a unique LIVE event

A quick overview of our roadmap:

1. Identify need for footprint measurement integration in daily practice

2. Start measuring your footprint including LCA template

3. Learn all about communicating your environmental footprint

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Compute your fashion foodprint

Transparent communication

Environmental priorities

Environmental Priorities

Circular business and design

Circular business and design

sustainable materials

Sustainable materials

social priorities

Social priorities

Innovation en Tech

Innovation and tech