We are Rebels who Rethink.

We are there for fashion professionals with a life changing idea: challenging the current status quo and accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable and circular fashion.

We work with buyers, designers, product managers, sustainability and quality managers, CEO’s and human resource managers and everyone in the organisation that wants to bring change into their role and organisation regarding sustainability and circularity. Our service is aimed at gaining full insight into what your organization has in mind. What motivates and inspires you, so that we create a solution that exactly matches your goals.

We know

Exactly what you need because we have been there.

We know that it’s almost inevitable to not become part of our designed polluting system. Our professionals have worked for over 10 years in the professional fashion field and understand which information you exactly need to make the best informed decisions and to get results.

We will guide you systematically through the topics of sustainability that matter in the fashion industry. We have structured and organised all information from the finest resources. We believe in taking a systems approach, we include all stakeholders into the discussion and build leverage and work together. We tackle difficult theories and break them down to business examples you could embed into your own organization. We make it practical, bring it structured and you will get passionate about this as much as we are. You will get insight into the situation of sustainability and circularity. You will gain knowledge about how to incorporate sustainability and you will feel mandated to discuss issues of change.

About Rachel Cannegieter
About Rachel Cannegieter

Everything we do, we believe in, is based on rethinking the current system. We challenge and accelerate the world’s transition to circular fashion. Because if not now, when? If not us, who? We want you to feel appreciated and empowered, we want you to be a changemaker for good and we want you to succeed in your role as a professional embracing sustainability and circularity and be a change for good.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

In the past 2 years I have worked with 50+ entrepreneurs from 10 different countries. More and more companies are making the transition to sustainable, circular, social and transparent. They include the next generations in their decisions. Consumers are becoming more critical and demand brands that do something good in / for the world. We therefore believe that the brands of the future will have a positive impact on people, animals and the environment.

Hi, lets introduce myself

I’am Rachel

The founder of Rethink Rebels: a circular fashion agency that helps fashion companies to become more sustainable and to take circular steps. With a focus on risk mitigation and value creation.

With a love for fashion she studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and graduated on organic cotton. She worked for over 10 years as a fashion professional as a buyer, product manager and sales manager and visited many production countries. We are working with project managers from abroad and freelancers to further build our agency and most importantly: have impact.

Everything we do is by rethinking and challenging products and services to minimize impact on the environment and both having a positive impact on people and the community. We just happen to make beautiful circular services and masterclasses to integrate within your strategy, operations and communications.

about rr
about rr
Map your CO2 footprint and environmental impact

The Envirometer of foundation Stimular

Are you looking for a way to map your CO2 footprint and environmental impact? Start creating your CO₂ footprint today together with Rethink Rebels. We believe that by making data measurable and understandable, we can create change for good and improve businesses.

The Envirometer we use shows where the environmental benefits of your company are, with graphics, key figures and industry averages. You can also easily create your CO2 footprint, see where you can make positive changes and start making targets for a better future. The Envirometer of foundation Stimular is a practical, nationally renowned instrument for making CO2 footprints. With an easy downloadable report you have all results visible. It’s also useful for use with environmental certificates such as CO2 performance ladder, ISO 14001, and more