We need our planet more than the planet needs us. It’s time to take action, and fast.

We are rebels who rethink

It all started with...
...one class about child and forced labour in fashion’s supply chain during a study at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. Our founder Rachel couldn’t believe that fashion could be so beautiful on one side and so horrific on the other side. So she decided to do something about this: and RethinkRebels was born.
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Meet the team
Rachel Cannegieter
Sustainability Expert & Head Rebel
Natascha van der Velden
Science PhD & Circular Rebel
Katie Hamilton
Jr. CSR Rebel
Sonal Srivastav
Marketing Rebel
Davina Verkuyl
CSR & B Corp Rebel
Martina Novakova
Marketing Rebel
Chanel Hoogduin
CSR & ESG Rebel
Leontine Wagenaar
Concept Design & Trend analyst Rebel
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We are rebels who rethink
We are rebels who rethink

What drives us.

Our mission
We support brands in their transformation to circularity & impact in this ever-changing world.
Our vision
We envision the fashion & lifestyle sector as a responsible leader, making a positive impact on all people and the earth throughout the value chain.

Our values.

And we do it all with a good dose of humor and fun!
With a personal approach, we work together to build long-term relationships.
Thinking ahead, sharing out-of-the-box ideas and anticipating future customer needs.
Positive change
We enjoy positive change and growth and help our clients do just that.
Learn and adapt the earth's natural regenerative process and apply it to industry.
And we do it all with a good dose of humor and fun!
So, what can we offer?
Now that you know us, let us present what we can do for you.
Break the rules of fashion with us. We believe every brand has the potential to make a positive impact - including yours. Check out our 3 services.
Empowering fashfon professionals to rethink the industry. Are you ready to leave your own mark on the fashion industry? Check out our academy.
Our happy clients.