What’s my purpose?

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We are Rebels who Rethink.

We are there for fashion professionals with a life changing idea: challenging themselves and the current linear fashion industry. Learn how you can accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable and circular fashion.

We work with buyers, designers, product managers, sustainability and quality managers, CEO’s and human resource managers and everyone in the organisation that wants to bring change into their role and organisation regarding sustainability and circularity. Our service is aimed at gaining full insight into what your organization has in mind and focus on teamwork and collaboration. 

Little Rachel

As a child I was mesmerized by the beauty of fabrics in the fabric store...

I could choose the prints, the buttons and the matching yarns. With my mom this was a thing we often did together. She loved sewing and making mother-daughter clothes for us. I could choose whatever I wanted and it felt like a big candy store to me. She sewed and embroidered my dresses, this picture resonates so well with me. I was 5 years making daisies necklaces wearing my favourite embroidered dress. That’s when my love for the fashion industry started, subconsciously.

It runs in the family: over 100 years of fashion 

My grandmother from my father’s side was a seamstress and she was that type you don’t mess with. She had such a keen eye on all the little details to make sure the dress or that jacket fitted like a glove. Grandmommy from my mother’s side was always knitting and crocheting and helped me make dresses for my Barbies. We would make them from scraps and left-overs. Reusing waste was pretty normal to me!

Kleine Rachel Cannegieter
about rr
 Hi, lets introduce

Why work with us?

Rachel has over 20 years of fashion industry experience, and worked in several roles such as buying, product management, and sales management in international fashion companies.

We have worked together with 50+ brands out of 10 different countries and have set up sustainable strategies and implemented this pragmatically and collaboratively. These brands include several SER signatories (Social and Economic council) who have to meet high due diligence reporting standards. Rachel also teaches students of Amsterdam Fashion Institute both designers, marketeers and managers. Happy full circle moment as she was a student herself at AMFI from 2000-2004 direction fashion management. She’s often asked to speak at events (online/offline), panels and discussions. She loves to share knowledge and experience and get you to master this.

Her goal is to make the fashion industry circular. Because we simply need to do better: for our planet and our future. Together we can achieve this. That is why she shares all her knowledge and experience about this with you, so that you can implement it and achieve substantial sustainable growth. 

 Hi, lets introduce

Meet the team

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Kyubin - Intern Rebel

Beth - Creator Rebel

Leonoor - Program & Marketing Rebel

Rachel Cannegieter

Rachel - Head Rebel

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