Hello. We are Rethink Rebels.

Climate is changing, resources are getting scarcer, the population is growing. Today our world faces the greatest challenges ever. First, the apparel industry has one of the largest carbon footprints globally. Second, it contributes to massive air and water pollution. Third, the 60 million people employed along the fashion value chain have historically been exposed to occupational hazards ranging from exposure to dangerous work conditions to discrimination. Fourth, consumer behavior has contributed to what is now approaching a global crisis. Moreover, we want future generations to be able to enjoy the world as much as we do. So that means we need to change and get into action. Because we are convinced that companies can make a difference.

Rethink Rebels is convinced that companies make the difference

That is why we established Rethink Rebels beginning 2019. By advising companies on sustainability, we help to reverse this current descending situation. Besides, we are optimistic: Since our start, we have grown into a team of partners, helping fashion businesses becoming a better version of themselves.

We focus on making an impact throughout your organization

Rethink Rebels works with you on the development and innovation of sustainability strategy, optimization of results and reporting. Focused on making an impact throughout your organization.  Ensuring that management has the correct information to actually manage. Also, we help to link sustainability themes to the business strategy so it will become a part of the fabric of your company. Finally, we ensure that all (internal and external) communication and reporting on sustainability is justified, clear and understandable.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” ― Albert Einstein

We are passionate and curious professionals who simply want to do better. That’s the Story.

We are the next generation of sustainability experts. We have an extensive professional Fashion Industry background. Traveled worldwide and seen the industry with our own eyes. Have met the people making our textiles and garments. We understand the continuous force of producing more at a stronger pace. Next, to that, we understand the difficulties of the industry and the lack of transparency thereof. We are passionate and curious professionals who simply want to do better. Embracing change and focused on actual results in making the fashion industry transparent. Whilst working in the fashion industry we learned that more can be achieved with a more ambitious approach. Loving changes and continuously striving for the best results. Don’t hold back, we make it fun, we make it less complicated and oh… we don’t mediocre.

We bring our personality, our humor and most importantly, our heart to our approach

You must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s world. And that’s exactly what we do. A creative and entrepreneurial approach is critical to fully blossom in the modern world. But also to experience the happiness and fulfillment you and your company deserve. Bringing our personality, humor and most importantly, our heart to our approach. Our customers enjoy and appreciate our clear vision and pragmatic approach. Translating complex sustainability themes towards an understandable priority within your organization. Our customers enjoy that, they say.

You can say we are atypical consultants. No, we don’t have our own agenda and are not afraid to go way outside that box. Innovation is continuously at hand, and we happily share our knowledge with you. At the same time, we remain solid and grounded to guide you through it all.

Innovation is key in keeping up in this fast-paced world

Moreover, our personal approach that’s what we are all about. We don’t ‘manage accounts’…no, we interact with people and enjoy getting to know you and your challenges. Whatever questions you have, we will find your sustainable answers. Today’s winners perform both financially and benefits to people and planet. Therefore we offering you a value-driven business strategy which meets that. For a sustainable future. For our next generations.

Innovation is key in keeping up in this fast-paced world. Through that, companies can make a difference and a better future. You can count on us: the newest innovations, lots of ideas, a massive amount of certifications, small letters… we know them. We are here for you and your company. Let’s enjoy this sustainable adventure!

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I’m Rachel.

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dedicated to helping your business becoming

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Things you should know about us


Our business is built on love. Deeply passionate about fashion, people and our world. Curious and relentlessly exploring what’s possible. Pushing boundaries and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. YES we love our customers. Moreover, by helping you and your company, we are able to create a meaningful change in this world. We’re compulsive about customer happiness, responding to emails and working non-stop to make sure you feel as valued, respected and appreciated as you truly are.


We help you change into a sustainable and circular company. Every step within sustainability counts. As Paul Coelho once said, “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion”. We donate a portion of our revenue to one of the world’s most effective non-profits: Shanti Bhavan. Therefore, by working with us you are already changing today’s world.


Going above and beyond for you, we are obsessive about exceeding expectations. We love to learn from the best in the field. We give it a full 120% and a bit more. 


Our Dutch directness is melted with honesty to our customers, our audience and each other. If our consultancy programs aren’t right for you, we will say so. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and make things right.

We’ve got your back

Anything we recommend is because we truly, genuinely believe in it. If you have an issue, we are here to help you.


We take a strong stand for kindness. Taking our work seriously but not so much ourselves… People who demonstrate mean-spirited, dishonesty or douchey behavior are not welcome – in our community or as customers.


We love what we do and we have fun doing it all.