Hello. We are Rebels who Rethink.

Let’s strive for a world in which a circular and respectable fashion industry is the standard, not the exception. 

The current fashion industry has a linear, traditional take on running businesses (ever heard of ‘take, make, dispose’?) and relies on large quantities of cheap and easily accessible materials and fossil fuel-based energy. Lately, however, increased price volatility, supply chain risks and growing pressures on resources have alerted business leaders and policy makers to the necessity of rethinking potential benefits of a circular economy. That has led to multiple sustainable initiatives and companies signing transparency pledges. While that’s a great step in the right way, unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

To solve this growing tendency, companies tend to look for a quick fix: how do I turn my traditional company into a sustainable one as quickly and easily as possible? However, we have to realize that, in order to tackle these issues, we need durable strategies and different system approaches, not quick fixes. Most companies tend to stick to what they know and mostly don’t have the knowledge and tools to actually make a change. But that doesn’t mea that they don’t want to change and embrace the unknown: all sorts of different sustainable options are currently on the table and innovations keep sprouting all around us. The question, of course, is how to implement these in your own business. We Rethink Rebels will help you do so!

Let’s drive the change to a circular and respectable fashion industry

For most companies, running a sustainable business seems like a whole other game. Therefore, we at Rethink Rebels have made it our mission to create clarity when it comes to sustainability and provide the fashion industry with rebel leaders. We are here to empower people, to help them embrace change and innovation and become aware of the fact that THEY are able to make sustainable choices. You don’t need to go all in right away; don’t forget that change is ignited by taking small steps in the right direction. Let us guide the way!

We strive for change by helping brand fully implement circular approaches

Of course, we understand that you might need more knowledge in order to make those steps. That’s where us Rethink Rebels come in. Thanks to our several rethinking services, such as adopting a Sustainable Business Strategy, working on Sustainable Communication and implementing a Circular System Strategy, we will guide you on your way to become not only a leading example within the fashion industry, but also an innovator when it comes to running a successful sustainable and circular business. In short, we will turn you into a Rethink Rebel. 

This Is What We Can Do For You

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

Albert Einstein

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I’m Rachel.

Head Rebel, social entrepreneur, sustainable rebel, and lecturer at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and working together with a group of rebels dedicated to making your fashion business future proof.

I love to Teach, Speak, Educate and Light some Fires.

I teach sustainability at Amsterdam Fashion Institute HvA. Seriously love feedback from these free minds.  I'm dedicated to helping you & your business becoming sustainable and circular. 

Because people want to change, but often don't know how

Education can change the way we think, act and listen. The feeling of accomplishment seeing the public grow in knowledge, confidence, and skills are that matters. Interaction with a diverse group can stirr the creative mind and spark new ideas.

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