We are rebels who rethink.

We need our planet more than the planet needs us. Time to take action, and fast.

rebels who rethink
rebels who rethink

Sustainable progress is the key to be in balance with our planet and ourselves – to feel fulfilled and happy. It is also the key to positively transform your business and the entire fashion industry. RethinkRebels are committed to helping you making that progress, specifically:


  • We want you to understand sustainability without feeling overwhelmed.
  • We want you to feel ready to embrace the new economy in your business.
  • We are committed to helping you progress to be that person or a brand that positively impacts people and our planet.

Meet the team.

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Head Rebel


Natascha is an expert on the sustainability of fashion & textiles, as well as an LCA rebel. She works as an independent researcher, lecturer, reviewer and consultant. Natascha holds a PhD from the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her goal is to enlarge the self-empowerment of designers, makers and users of textiles and fashion and bridge the gap between science and practice.


LCA Rebel


Anna is an International Development Management student with the focus on sustainable supply chains. She is passionate about changing the way we produce, trade, and consume our goods to a more sustainable and ethical approach. She will be managing and revisioning the RethinkRebels Academy. Besides that, she assists with internal communication and works on projects with the team and clients. 


Intern Rebel

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Katie is an intern rebel and a third-year student studying Fashion Technology at the University of Leeds in the placement year. She began working at RethinkRebels in September 2021 and was recently assigned a junior consulting internship role. Her responsibilities include assisting with online communication, such as creating social media content and interacting with our community, working with Rachel and other experts on client projects, and building online courses for the RR Academy.


Intern Jr. consultancy Rebel


Edwin is a sustainable sourcing and buying rebel, living in Asia since 2010 (China, Thailand) with more than 30 years of experience. Over the years, he has regularly visited all major manufacturing continents (Asia, Africa, Central America and Europe) and gained broad knowledge. He is a strategic holistically visionary, he brings together long term and short term goals, identifying new opportunities, building partnerships, improving efficiencies and optimizing profits. 


Sustainable Sourcing and Buying Rebel


Davina is a CSR rebel, working mainly in the fashion and textile industry. She is a purpose-driven and hands-on professional with twenty years of experience – in both the business sector and non-profit. Her purpose is to support companies and startups in the transition to a future-proof economy: circular, inclusive, climate-neutral, and with fair and transparent chains.


CSR Rebel


Leontine is a concept design and branding rebel. She has over 30 years of experience, as a creative consultant, in the fashion industry with a focus on fashion, trend analysis, design, assortment development, concept design and branding. She trains, manages and coaches creative teams in countries around the world, such as Colombia, the Netherlands, China and Pakistan. Leontine believes that a good design strategy is driven by the zeitgeist and comes with thorough research.


Concept Design and Branding Rebel

Meet Rachel.

As a child, I was mesmerised by the beauty of fabrics in the fabric store.

I could choose the prints, the buttons and the matching yarns. With my mom, this was a thing we often did together. She loved sewing and making mother-daughter clothes. I could choose whatever I wanted, and it felt like a big candy store to me. She sewed and embroidered my dresses. That’s when my love for fashion started, at least subconsciously.

It runs in the family: over 100 years of fashion

One grandmother was a seamstress, and she had a keen eye on all the little details to make sure the garment fitted like a glove. My other grandmother was always knitting and crocheting and making dresses for my baby dolls. We would make them from scraps and leftovers. Reusing waste was pretty normal to me and my grandmother – nothing new. 😉

And then: the dark side of fashion

All I wanted was to work in the Fashion industry – until I faced the dark side of the fashion industry during my study of Fashion Management. It was a single lecture about sweatshops and how children and people were forced to work. This broke my heart. I decided to study these topics more deeply and graduated in 2004 on sustainable fashion, organic cotton and all its benefits in particular. Yet my recommendations about organic cotton to internationally well-known brands didn’t fall on ‘good ground’, so to speak.


meet rachel

I felt in my guts it had to do with the difficulty of change, so I studied change management. I worked in the fashion industry to understand the people, the supply chain, the interconnectedness of individuals and businesses, the culture, the processes and the stumbling blocks towards change.

After my kids reached the age to go to school, I could finally pursue my dream and start my own consultancy RethinkRebels to make a positive change in the fashion industry. My optimism and enthusiasm have always guided me to stay true to myself and be part of the solution, not adding up to the problem. Are you ready to join me on this sustainable ride?

Why we do

what we do

Rachel Cannegieter has spent over 20 years creating breakthroughs and transforming the fashion industry.

More on Rachel…

I have a BA in Fashion Management, an MA in Social Science, over 20 years of fashion industry experience in various roles such as buying, product management, and sales management in international fashion companies.

With RethinkRebels, we have worked together with 50+ brands out of 10 different countries and have set up sustainable strategies and implemented this pragmatically and collaboratively. These brands include several SER signatories (Social and Economic Council) who have to meet high due diligence reporting standards. And I also teach students of Amsterdam Fashion Institute – designers, marketers and managers. I’m often asked to speak at events (online/offline), panels and discussions.

My goal is to make the fashion industry circular. Because we simply need to do better: for our planet and our children. Together we can achieve this. That is why I share all my knowledge and experience about this with you so that you can understand sustainability better.

I know you want this. Join the rebellious revolution.