Transparant Communication

Great: you’ve taken the plunge and started to adapt a sustainable business strategy.Whether you are just starting out or have already made quite some miles as a sustainable business, it is very important to communicate transparently with your target group every step of the way.

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Lots of companies are already rethinking their production processes and material and are actually making some changes, but don’t show off to their desired audience- or simply don’t know how to.

At Rethink Rebels, we believe – no, pledge – that it is important to transparently communicate every step of the process, regardless of how far down the road you are. There seems to be the misconception that you can only show what is already perfect and finished. We vouch for sharing the perfectly imperfect: communicate whatever steps you have taken based on honesty, transparency and solid data. Not there yet? No worries: just show your target group where you are right now and where you’re headed. Trust us: they’ll be delighted to know.

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The Process

How do we roll?

In order to share your story strongly and effectively, you have to convey your message both in-company and to the outside world. We can help you do both. We will provide support during the internal on-boarding process, to help excite your employees and really make them feel what it is you’re trying to share. After all, that is how you create a strong, consistent message that you can share with your following, who are probably eager to know: through sustainable communication. Of course, we will also help you out there. We will show you how to strongly convey your rethinking story and message, based on hard facts. No shenanigans there; we will not make false promises, but simply take your target group with you every step of the way and make them be a part of the process. It’s all about transparency.

Transparant communication Discussion

1. Discussion.

We kick off with a meeting (either 1-on-1 or with a department) in which we will walk through the entire span of the trajectory; what is our starting point, what topics are we going to discuss and what are we striving towards?


2. Planning & Structure.

During this meeting, we will set goals. We can work with a short-, medium- or long-term plan to paint a bigger picture and make your goals more feasible. We touch on every aspect that needs to be taken into account (such as materials, packaging, transport and circular systems) to determine in which areas and in what way we can strive for improvement.

Sustainable Business Strategy Setting goals
Sustainable Business Strategy goals
Transparant communication Tools2

3. Tools.

Next up: sustainability tools. We’ll explain how they work and can work for you, which steps can be taken next and which certificates you can apply for. Also, we will help you map which distributors to cooperate withand on what level. Once the certificates have been approved, we can help implement them. Our experience lies with OEKO tex, GOTS, GRS and FSC, for which we can establish the corresponding procedures.


4. Team.

To ensure ongoing and consistent sustainable communication, we help you set up a team to take responsibility for this. However, we won’t be out of your hair completely. We will set up monthly meetings to provide you with an update, keep track of the results and the corresponding consequences. Also, we help create internal newsletters, in which we will help explain the ongoing process, where your company is at right now and what you are shooting for.

Transparant communication Team5
Transparant communication Team
Transparant communication Team3

5. External communication.

Right, your team is on board! Time to convey your message beyond your company. We will advise you on how to do so by providing you based on CSR reports, ratings and benchmarks. Also, we’ll help structure your website, make use of social media and provide you with content, such as images/quotes/info/data, to help you convey your message clearly and convincingly.