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Rethinking the Fashion Industry | Sustainable fashion consultants
The brand-new website of RethinkRebels has been unveiled - and it looks, in our humble opinion, incredible.

With the updated branding implemented earlier this year, the team worked diligently together with Mariska from Solid Roots Studio and Simon from SW designs to translate the new look and feel of our circular impact fashion consultancy into all aspects and elements of its online presence. Now it’s time to explore the RethinkRebels website and show you the new features and highlights.
Rethinking the Fashion Industry | Sustainable fashion consultants

What’s new

Our website has never been simpler, more dynamic and on-brand than ever before. What else is new? Glad you asked:
  • It’s now much easier to navigate the website, to see WHAT we do and WHY we are your go-to consultancy. ;) Check that out!
  • We dedicated extra space to testimonials from our happy clients who put trust in our services, maybe these ones from Maium, Four Paws and EK retail on our homepage!
  • Get ready for a lot more graphics, illustrations and overall visual storytelling, like here!
  • We added all the happy faces of our RR team. Take a look!

What not to miss

There are many highlights of this new online presence. Here are the most noteworthy ones.


As you might have already noticed, our news and blog page has gotten a completely new coat - welcome to our Rebellious Blog! Now it’s easier than ever to navigate the news or search for the most burning topics on sustainability, organizational change and upcoming laws and regulations.
Look forward to completely new blog pieces as well as relevant articles that might have been published on the previous website but are freshly updated with the latest developments and findings.


Did you know that the RethinkRebels Academy page has been in this new design for a while? That helped us fine tune the pages and implement additional changes that make the new layout pop.
What’s new for our Academy is the introduction of our SHORT COURSES, each diving into one specific topic in sustainable fashion:
Take a look at our short courses or learn more about our complete Academy offer to uncover all opportunities.
RethinkRebels Academy | Sustainability Management Courses in Fashion


One thing that stayed the same is our popular free resources available to download at your convenience. Whether you are interested in one specific freebie or all of them, there are no questions asked.
Check out this complete overview of the currently available free resources on the RethinkRebels website:

Certificates & Standards Handbook

In the world of responsible fashion, the abundance of certifications and initiatives can be overwhelming. Some focus on the environment, social aspects, a combination of both, and additionally we see product and process focus as well. No wonder it’s confusing! But not any longer. Download our handbook to navigate this complex landscape here.

Coming soon: CSRD Compliance Tool

All in all, our website is the ultimate hub for inspiration, resources and a community of like-minded rebels ready to change the fashion industry. There is no time to waste, explore our new website in full.

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