Webinar: B Corp certification: Make your business a Force for Good!

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Join our webinar: Let us walk you through the B Corp certification process, revealing the what, whys, and hows and exploring its impact on your business.

March 01, 2024 | 13:00 CET | Register here

B Corp certifications are experiencing remarkable growth, rising by an impressive 38%! Beyond being just a stamp of approval, B Corps boast a 26% faster turnover and a 14% increase in attracting top-tier employee talent. Join the movement for positive change and be a part of the force for good!

Over the last few decades, an entirely new type of business has emerged, aiming to seamlessly merge the worlds of business and non-profit initiatives. These organisations, which are especially prevalent in industries such as fashion and textiles, go beyond the traditional pursuit of profit and instead focus their mission on making a significant and positive impact on the world through their business core.
In our upcoming webinar on March 01, 2023, Rachel Cannegieter walks you through the B Corp certification process, revealing the what, whys, and how’s and exploring its impact on your business.

So, why become B Corp certified?

  • It’s a company overall certification (it’s holistic)
  • It’s easy to understand
  • Brands show their commitment to social and environmental responsibility
  • It contributes to continuous sustainable growth
  • Certification enables transparent communication

Dive into the B Corp certification adventure with us! Our transformative journey showcases your commitment to purpose-driven business. Rise to new heights through learning how to become a B Corp certified leader for global recognition, consumer trust, and a supportive community. Make a maximum positive impact while effortlessly navigating EU laws, along with your team. Let's elevate your brand together.

Learn more and register here.

For those eager to deepen their understanding of B Corp certification before the webinar, we invite you to explore our detailed B Corp White Paper. Uncover the magic of RethinkRebels' down-to-earth B Corp strategy! Say hello to our super user-friendly B Corp white paper—a roadmap to kick off your exciting journey towards B Corp certification!

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