Develop a sustainable strategy that actually converts

The only online course for a consistent policy on innovation, supply chain management, and marketing

Change Fashionstructurally

The only class for a consistent policy on innovation, supply chain management, and marketing

Companies with a well-designed sustainable strategy have a bright future ahead—there is no doubt about that. Sustainability is an essential part of a long-term strategy based on vision and step-by-step improvement of production. By including all your stakeholders, such as clients, employees and investors, you make sure that your newly designed strategy resonates both internally and externally—because purpose-driven brands embrace collaboration and a systems approach.

Together we need to change from a linear to a circular fashion industry. And we are here to help you step by step.

Rethink Rebels Academy

What are we going to do?

In this course, we develop a sustainable strategy in 3 steps, which we will cover in 3 modules. A proper sustainable plan of action advances your company through the newest regulations and guidelines: it future-proofs your brandgenerates trust with customers, and leads to more profitincluding taking care of the planet and people. Everything links back to your WHY, and once discovered, this enables you to make razor-sharp choices that matter for your business. Next, we explore the most crucial and urgent sustainable topics, also known as ESG(P) (Environment, Social, Governance, Product) topics, and where you want to make an impact. In our risk analysis, you learn to understand potential risks in your supply chain. Finally, we take a closer look at your clients and customers and how you can communicate your strategy transparently.

What do you get?

  • Our proven step-by-step plan
  • Concrete tools and resources
  • Useful workbooks
  • Practical exercises
  • A membership to the online community and group forum
  • A group forum to ask questions and get feedback
  • Co-participants who share their creativity and help you along
Roadmap strategy masterclass

Why do you need a sustainable strategy?

  • to have a long term vision for a future-proof organization
  • to make step-by-step improvements to your supply chain
  • to make your supply chain traceable
  • to identify potential risks on the social and environmental level
  • to drive positive change in these potential risks
  • to set realistic goals, targets, and KPIs
  • to communicate transparently to your customers
  • to allow long-term investments
  • to incorporate a systems approach
  • to move towards a circular economy

What you’ll learn from this course

Week 1
Become purpose-driven 

✔ Define your purpose and vision
✔ Focus on your impact and target group
✔ Ecological, social, and economic profit
✔ Communicate authentically
✔ Learn from your competition

What to expect:

5 videos by Rachel
2 video interviews with Mud Jeans and Organic Basics
1 tool ‘create your sustainable fashion brand’
1 workbook

Week 2
My business as a tool for impact

✔ Find out why traceable supply chains are crucial
✔ Due diligence as the foundation of your policy
✔ Learn to implement stakeholder dialogue
✔ Create your materiality analysis

What to expect:

5 videos by Rachel
2 video interviews with Asket and Chargeurs Nativa
1 workbook
2 readings

Week 3
Risk analysis and communication

✔ Discover potential risks in your supply chain
✔ Analyse your risks and discuss with your stakeholders
✔ Develop a clear action plan with targets, KPIs and priorities
✔ Communicate transparently

What to expect:

8 videos by Rachel
1 workbook
1 reading and watch tips document
1 resources overview
1 glossary

Professionals who did this course

Annemarie de jong

As a fashion product manager/buyer for over 15 years, I have learned a lot about the need for sustainable strategies and how to develop them. I also found all the accompanying reading material, videos by best practices, and resources very useful. Rachel is a super enthusiastic person, a source of information and inspiration. That enabled me to make the newly learned information my own quite fast. The conclusion is that Rachel has turned me into a  rebel, ready to implement this on the work floor and teach my team how to make a positive impact in the fashion industry together!

Annemarie de Jonge
Buyer, Product Manager & Developer
heidi korterink

In my current role, I want to focus more on sustainability, make more informed decisions and communicate about this more transparently. My struggle was that I didn’t know where to start, how to implement it, and find the right arguments to really inspire my colleagues and the management. In the Sustainable Strategy masterclass, I learned about the basics of developing a sustainable strategy with the right tools, inspiration from other brands, and guidance by Rachel on how to develop this step by step. This resulted in informed decisions, internal discussions with the teams, and step-by-step improvement of our business and supply chain.


Heidi Korterink
Sr. Purchasing & Sustainability
Bianca Streng

RethinkRebels gave me countless examples and tools to shape and realize the challenges and opportunities that come with the transition to a circular fashion system. As a fashion designer and consultant for over 15 years, I can now guide my clients even better regarding their sustainable missions with a clear sustainable strategy. This masterclass gives a tremendous amount of knowledge, energy, and inspiration to apply in practice. I highly recommended it to every fashion professional who believes in a circular fashion system but doesn't know yet where and how to start.

Bianca Streng
Fashion & Graphic designer

Who’s your online instructor?

Hi, I’m Rachel: head rebel, consultant & coach.

I have over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and have worked in a variety of roles, including procurement, product management and sales management. I have worked with 50+ brands from 10 different countries from Rethink Rebels, setting up sustainable strategies with a pragmatic approach. Among these brands are several AGT signatories of the Social Economic Council (SER) that have to meet high due diligence standards. I also teach students at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) the business side of sustainable fashion.

My goal is to make the fashion industry circular. Together we can achieve this. That’s why I share all my knowledge and experience with you, so you can implement it and achieve substantial growth for our future generations. This is the very first online course that is available for you, and many will follow!

contact rachel cannegieter

With this course, you’ll become a sustainability expert and transform your role in the fashion industry.


Develop your sustainable strategy

What’s included?

  • Direct access from any device and any country
  • 1 LIVE Q&A
  • 3 modules WHAT, WHY and HOW Sustainability Strategy
  • Workbooks and assignments
  • Unique resources
  • Extra videos with Mud jeans, Asket, Organic Basics and Chargeurs Nativa
  • A membership to the online community and group forum
  • A group forum to ask questions and get feedback
  • Co-participants who share their creativity and help you along
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I am not sure if I am a rebel or a changemaker? (Click to hide)

You are more than welcome in our diverse group – we like it that way. You are unique and we embrace you just the way you are. It’s simply important that you are committed to positive impact.

Do I need specific skills to take part in this course? (Click to show)

No specific skills are necessary. This course is developed for anyone who would like to learn about strategy, values-driven leadership, traceable supply chains and risks assessment. It is beneficial to understand the fashion industry and its supply chain, but if you don’t have a clue—don’t worry—we got you covered!

Can I do this class at my own pace? (Click to show)

There are no strict set times to complete your homework. 😉 However, you will get the most out of this class if you plan and schedule your training times in your agenda and really do them.

When does this Masterclass start? (Click to show)

This program can start right after your purchase! You will gain knowledge, learn skills and break patterns that will make sense and give you purpose at your work and in your life.

When are modules released? (Click to show)

Each week’s module is released on a weekly basis.

How much time do I need to dedicate to completing the course? (Click to hide)

Between 2-6 hours a week—it’s entirely up to you.

How long do I have access to the course? (Click to show)

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have access as long as this course is online.

What if I am not happy with this masterclass? (Click to show)

I would be honestly annoyed for you if this program does not give you what you need! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 7 days, and you’ll get a full refund from us.


Are there language requirements? (Click to show)

All courses and bonus are in both Dutch and English. The video lectures are in Dutch and English and you have the option to slow down, speed up, pause or replay when needed.

What are your terms and conditions? (Click to show)

You can click here to be redirected to our terms and conditions page for details.

Who shoud I contact if I have any additional questions? (Click to show)

If your question wasn’t answered, please contact info@rethinkrebels.com.