Amsterdam Fashion Insitute 

Rachel has recently strengthened our AMFI teams to shape a new model industry on the road to a healthy future together with students, where sustainability is not a ‘buzz’ word but an intrinsic necessity that underpins creative processes and products developed within AMFI. Students really enjoyed working with Rachel and I was personally impressed by her diplomatic activism; not shouting but working together on solutions where everyone is heard at the table.

Head of Fashion & Design Peter C. Leferink

AMFI Peter Leferink
Success Stories Branddistrict Marjet Snijders for Rethink Rebels

Fashion agency Brand District 

With my agency, we try to be more sustainable by choosing brands that consider sustainability an important aspect. Only, unfortunately, this is not a priority for all brands.

Rethink Rebels really made me think outside the box

I enlisted Rachel’s help to give advice on how I can contribute in a different way. Rethink Rebels really made me think outside the box and found opportunities in so many ways. In addition, it is a pleasant collaboration with them. They are alert, accurate, open and their enormous enthusiasm makes it totally fun to work with them.

Founder Marjet Snijders

Sourcing agency "Soak" 

Rachel Cannegieter from Rethink Rebels is able to understand the entrepreneur’s challenge in a short time and translates this into very constructive support. She thinks proactively with the goal in mind and can easily include everyone in it. Driven ambition, decisiveness and very pleasant company are the best description for her as a person and her services.

Rachel is equally professional in all areas and at all times and adds an extra dimension to every project with her drive, creativity, and knowledge in the fashion industry. You can always count on her: if she says that she is doing something, has to deliver or has to get things done then that is also the case.

Rachel and I have known each other for years and I hope that we can work together for many years on various projects. Just like on my last project where she had fully calculated the LCAs of 2 products for my sustainable business case in order to provide more insight into what we should pay more attention to.

Founder Nicholas Hurenkamp

Success Stories Rethink Rebels Nicholas Hurenkamp
Success Stories Rethink Rebels Brenda Hendriks
Success Stories Rethink Rebels Roij

Jewelry brand "A Brend" 

Rachel is a passionate enthusiastic personality who knows what she is talking about. The cooperation went smoothly and the sparring with her was very nice! Rethink Rebels provides a fresh wind in the sustainable process.

This subject is not always easy. This is because you want to do it well and sometimes do not know what is right or where to start… The one solution sometimes bumps / rubs with the other solution…So which solution is the best to take? A critical look and critical questions are sometimes very pleasant, Rethink Rebels does this in a pleasant, airy way. They have given us a certain focus so you gradually see what kind of difference can be made.

 Rethink Rebels supplies step-by-step improvement points, like this it is easy to understand and implement. Very enlightening. Rachel listened very carefully to our first priorities and worked out in such a way that it was easy to switch towards a more sustainable future. The enthusiasm about this subject from Rethink Rebels is contagious. In other words, we enjoyed our cooperation

Founders Brenda Hendriks & Roij van Koolwijk