Euretco Fashion

Euretco Fashion

Euretco Fashion creates and publishes information on current retail developments. They closely watch fashion segments, brands, and article groupings, as well as explain delivery and sales tendencies. They assist companies in making better-informed purchasing decisions, reducing waste, and playing an essential role in the local economy. We worked with Euretco in September 2021 to develop an online training programme called ‘Sustainable Shop by Design.’ The training looked at how to develop a sustainable shop that converts as well as CSR possibilities and benefits. We also supported them in developing a sustainability strategy, risk analysis, content for their Euretco Fashion Academy, a material tool, buying rules and processes, and GOTS certification.


Sustainability strategy, risk analysis, material tool, materiality analysis and sustainability year report, training and workshops with RR Academy, buying policies and procedures and GOTS certified.


2019 – present