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Our Top Podcasts on Sustainability

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite podcasts that cover anything from climate change to fast fashion and everything in between. Listen to stories about how and why others transitioned and be motivated to make a change…

1. The Green Girls Club, Marieke van de Berg

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This podcast is a place for anybody interested in learning more about making sustainable choices. Every week, Marieke interviews a different expert to get their perspective on sustainability issues and to offer you with easy tools and motivation.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

2. Conscious Chatter, Kestrel Jenkins

concious chatter mockup 1

Conscious Chatter is a podcast exploring all areas of the garment industry and initiates a discussion about our clothes and the potential impact they have on our planet. With over 250 episodes, you will learn all you want to know about the fashion industry in this fun and interesting podcast.

Available from: Spotify and Apple Podcast

3. Wardrobe Crisis, Clare Press

wardrobe crisis mockup

This podcast delves into the issues of ethics, sustainability, consumerism, activism, identity, and creativity that the fashion industry faces today. Each week, Clare conducts a conversation with a fascinating guest to hear about their personal experiences with sustainability and the fashion industry.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

4. Ethical Fashion, Simone Cipriani and Clare Press

ethical fashion mockup

Simone and Clare talk about all things fashion, including social and environmental justice, inclusivity, and sustainable growth, with some of the greatest personalities in the industry. This podcast is a great source for ideas and information on sustainable fashion!

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

5. Pre-Loved, Emily Stochl

pre loved mockup 1

A weekly interview podcast all about second-hand shopping. Emily interviews a different guest every week on style, running a fashion business, the global second-hand industry, sustainability, and of course, their favourite vintage finds. We can guarantee you will want to go vintage shopping after listening to this podcast!

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

6. The Future of Fashion Business, Estaban Julian

the futue of fashion business mockup

A bi-weekly podcast in which the best and most experienced experts in the fashion industry provide advice to aspiring fashion entrepreneurs and designers looking to launch their own fashion brands and enterprises. It’s jam-packed with useful information and guidance, and we highly recommend it to anybody considering a career in fashion.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

7. Mother of Invention, Doc Society

mothers of invention mockup 1

“Climate change is a man-made problem – with a feminist solution!” In this podcast, Mary and Maeve talk to (mainly) women from around the world, all about their feminist climate change solutions. Every episode is full of laughs, fascinating experiences and motivation.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

8. A Cup of Climate, Hans van Tuin and Christel van Eck

a cup of climate mockup

The topic of this podcast is how to communicate effectively about climate change. Every episode, Hans and Christel interview a different guest, all of whom are concerned about climate change.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

9. Circular Textiles Stories, Rosa Scholtens

circular textile stories mockup

This podcast is all about the future of the textiles industry! In series 1, Rosa examines the textile industry during the Covid-19 pandemic with guests. It’s eye-opening to see how much the pandemic impacted various businesses and what lessons we may learn from it. Keep a watch out for the second series, which will include Rosa interviewing textile industry visionaries.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

10. Fashion Critical, Lucy Siegle and Livia Firth

fashion critical mockup

This podcast, hosted by sustainable fashion advocates Lucy Siegle and Livia Firth, focuses on frontline fashion concerns in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are just 2 episodes, but they both delve into the fashion industry in Bangladesh and serve as a wake-up call to our fashion complacency.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

11. Big Closet Small Planets, Michael Schragger

big closets small planets mockup 1

The creator of the Sustainable Fashion Academy, Michael Schragger, examines the obstacles, incentives and disincentives, and emerging solutions required to transform the fashion industry quickly. This podcast is very educational and professional, and it is a must-listen for anybody involved in the fashion industry.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

12. The Circular Economy Show, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

ellen macarthur foundation mockup 1

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a charity dedicated to creating a circular economy, has launched this podcast to discuss innovative ways to design, produce, and use things, as well as how we might create an economy that is suitable for the 21st century and future generations. The podcast includes interesting and informative case studies and interviews with circular economy experts.

Available on: Spotify and Apple Podcast

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