Our Textile Mountain

A workshop on circular transformation and impact.

Let’s put an end to waste. Full stop.

European consumers discard more than 26 kilos of textiles every year, of which less than 1% is ever recycled. It’s clear we can all do better. More importantly, most of us also want to do better! But where and how to start? We got you!

At RethinkRebels, we believe that TOGETHER we can create higher value in a circular economy, from circular design to circular strategies into a circular future. Because, as fashion professionals, WE have the power to put a stop to textile waste, wasteful behaviour, and wasteful business models.

That’s why we designed a hands-on workshop in which we help you, personally as well as professionally, to spin around the textile waste. In this workshop, we unpack the issues and provide the tools to start rethinking, from design to supply chain to business models and strategies.

It’s time for a change! Are you ready to rebel with us?

What are we going to do?

Our energetic workshop offers circular knowledge and practical tools for your day-to-day responsibilities. We challenge you to think, act and feel differently. We address key topics directly applicable to your circular transformation and work on this collaboratively and as a team within your organisation. You can do this, rebel.

A circular future begins with circular design thinking. From garments to services, from business models to supply chain. Future proof innovation is only made possible with circular design and lifecycle thinking.

This workshop shows you the importance of designing for circularity while embracing the complexity of developing solutions for lifecycle values.

The training can be customised to answer specific design questions and requirements of our participants.

What do you get?

  • High level understanding of circular fashion
  • Practical tools, ready for direct circular applicability
  • Tools to create impact within your organisation
  • A collaborative spirit to tackle circular issues together
  • A framework to spark creative thinking
  • Lots of fun and learning in a safe environment

What you’ll learn from this workshop.

Step 1
 Design for circularity

✔ Circular design defined
✔ Systems approach
✔ Levels of circularity


Step 2
Circular supply chain

✔ Supply chain risks
✔ Measuring impact
✔ Improved manufacturing process


Step 3
Circular models

✔ Future proof strategies
✔ Innovative business models
✔ Collaborations

Who’s your instructor?

Hi, I’m Rachel: head rebel, consultant & coach.

I have over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and have worked in a variety of roles, including procurement, product management and sales management. I have worked with 50+ brands from 10 different countries from Rethink Rebels, setting up sustainable strategies with a pragmatic approach. Among these brands are several AGT signatories of the Social Economic Council (SER) that have to meet high due diligence standards. I also teach students at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) the business side of sustainable fashion.

My goal is to make the fashion industry circular. Together we can achieve this. That’s why I share all my knowledge and experience with you, so you can implement it and achieve substantial growth for our future generations. 

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With this workshop, you are ready to tackle fashion’s biggest challenges and make a positive IMPACT in the industry. You’ve got this!