Free Sustainable Fashion Tool
How many employees are working at your company?
Place of company in chain?
Cultural Aspects: Feeling of Togetherness among Workers?
Employees like to develop?
Employees feel concerned with the organization
Strategic Aspects: Company wants to develop and innovate towards sustainability
Which steps have you made already?
Policy & Commitments: Is your company aware of the impact on people?
What are the social policies and procedures?
Is your company aware of its impact on the environment?
What are the environmental policies procedures?
How does the company deceide which issues to prioritize?
What are the companies future goals for improving its impacts?
Governance: Who is responsible for Sustainability within the organization?
How does the brand incorporate human rights and environmental issues into its buying and sourcing practices?
Traceability: Does the company publish a list of its suppliers, from manufacturing to raw material level?
Knowing, showing & fixing: how does the company assess the implementation of its supplier policies?