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Hello Rebel to be,

Congratulations with this step. So you are a buyer, designer, product manager, sustainability and quality manager, CEO, human resource manager or someone in the organisation that wants to bring change into their role and organisation regarding sustainability and circularity.

Being a Rebel is very different from being a part of the design pollution system. We do things differently, we think differently, we are different. We are Rebels that rebel for a cause. So you want to?

But how do you go about this? How do you make it a success? And does it really fit what you want?

This Free Sustainable Fashion Tool is an excellent first step you can take. By answering these questions and sending them to me we make sure we understand each other’s situation better. And are therefore both aware of the things that are most important to you.

With the questions in this tool, we’ll find out the position and possibilities of your company. Hopefully we find out your deepest needs and see exactly what possible impact that has on your company. We find out whether the REBEL world is also interesting for you and your company. Please complete all the questions and hit that send button.

I will invite you for a personal conversation, in which we determine what you need to be able to get started with regarding sustainability and circularity. At the end of the conversation I can decide if I can help you further with your process towards the desired outcomes.

This preparation is especially for those who want to invest in themselves and in their company.
The personal conversation is only for those who want to take serious steps and want to get started.

The personal conversation of 45-60 minutes has a value of € 249 AND is FREE for you.

The only consideration I expect from you is that you could write a short recommendation after our personal conversation. This is also allowed in the form of a recommendation on LinkedIn. But only if you are 100% satisfied, of course!

Greeting, Rachel

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