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You have gifts to change the fashion industry and my job is to help you using them.



Get to know the latest collections of brands and get inspired for the next order season. What to expect? Insights in the collections of over 150 brands. A newsfeed for inspiration and an exciting program on the main stage with trend talks, interesting keynote speakers, and discussions. In collaboration with Modefabriek, CIFF, Textil Wirtschaft, Euretco Fashion and more.

Rachel Cannegieter is a frequently asked speaker and panelist at the Digital Fashion Week.

Panel: How can retailers make a difference when it comes to sustainability?

Many listeners are independent retailers, who need practical tools and insights on how to become more sustainable with their store. They are all struggling with the same question: how can I make a difference as an independent retailer when it comes to sustainability? (video in Dutch)

NL Panel discussion ‘Sustainability in Practice’

Panel: ‘Sustainable Labels: How do you communicate this to the consumer?’

There are many sustainable labels and quality marks. Consumers are becoming more critical and are asking questions about this. How do you answer this as an entrepreneur? What do you have to pay attention to? But also: where do you get your knowledge from if you are interested in selling more sustainable brands. What labels are there? There are so many, what if I, as an entrepreneur, can no longer see the forest for the trees? (video in Dutch)

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