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Ready to up your game? Besides our strategy implementation tracks, we also have a few additional tools & services that you can make use of without opting for the full package. In this way you can already start rethinking and implement sustainability in your business, with the right guidance and a clear roadmap, AND get used to how we work.

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1. Circular Fashion Workshop.

Want to make your employees more aware of what circularity means and how a product can be produced circularly? In the Circular Fashion Workshop, we will walk you through every step of producing a circular product or service and working with a circular fashion system that suits your business. We also help you find out if you can validly make circular claims, which also is important when communicating about your new product/service.

The duration of this workshop varies from half a day to a full day, depending on your needs and wishes.

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2. Sustainable Materials Tool.

How do I choose the right sustainable materials and how do I set sustainable goals? That is where our Sustainable Materials Tool comes in. We create online personalized tools for your company, based on lifecycle analysis data (LCAs), that will help you score your materials from cradle to gate and cradle to cradle. The tools, which we will create for each product group, can easily be incorporated in your daily work activities without having to dive into the extensive theories yourself. Our tool has proven to be time efficient and enables buyers/designers make more sustainable decisions. Whether you’rea buyer, product manager, stylist or designer, this tool will help you make significant steps towards your sustainability goals. Based on the four different classes of materials, managers can develop SMART KPI’s and, in such a way, work towards the progression of your sustainable business strategy.

Of course, it is important to fully understand how these tools work. We can explain how to work with these tools both online and offline. This will take approximately2 hours. There is also a possibility to go deeper into the LCA methods, enabling your team to make their own calculations. The duration of that trajectory is a working day.

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3. Online Masterclass Sustainable Fashion.

Supply chain traceability, climate change, efficient use of water, energy and chemicals, respectful and secure work environments, sustainable material mix, circular fashion systems and tech & fashion: all of these are concepts that keep popping up when it comes to sustainability. The fashion industry, too, can no longer exclude itself from these important topics. As a professional, you have to tackle this issue. The question, however, is ‘how?’. To fulfill our sustainable ambitions, we need to create support on several fronts. We have to adopt a different way of cooperating, calculating, tendering, system thinking, and swift our focus and make use of other techniques. Therefore, we have created a complete online growth training for professionals with sustainable ambitions. The main question that we’ll be answering during this training will be: ‘How do you turn sustainable fashion into a profitable business case?’After the training, you will have:

– Knowledge of supply chain traceability, circularity and both environmental and social issues

– Insights to and knowledge of the eight priorities for the fashion industry, combined with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

– Insights in how to implement and run changing processes- Know-how of how to put sustainable ambition into practice

The online masterclasses (5 in total) are concrete and directly applicable, thanks to the contribution of business experts. They will link the extensive and somewhat abstract theory to the real deal, to help you translate your strategies to actual results.

What does the training consist of?Phase 1: The Basics: traceability, environmental and social issues, SDGsPhase 2: Sustainable materials, circular economy, necessary toolsPhase 3: Tech & Fashion: all new developments you need to know of

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4. Membership Sustainable Coaching.

Need some extra guidance whilst transitioning your business into a sustainable one? We can provide you with sustainability coaching on a subscription basis. Whenever you need guidance, you get it. Our team is ready to help you with everything you need to point you in the right direction and get you get going.

Our subscriptions range from 4 hours to 20 hours a week.

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5. Tech & Fashion.

As we speak, we are developing a supply chain traceability tool in cooperation with Fairchain, supported by blockchain technology. Our solution focuses on digitized traceable supply chains for fashion brands. Our technology enables efficiency and information within the supply chain to make a positive social and environmental impact. That’s the purpose. Blockchain is the means. Our platform will enable consumers to trust the incorporated brands through verified and decentralized data. 

The overall aim is to use blockchain technology to create a digital, transparent, circular and fair fashion value chain, which will be an innovationwithin consumer loyalty mechanisms, and which will research how tokens can change consumer behavior.   

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