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5 Ways to Avoid Greenwashing and Be Honest About Your Sustainability Effort – Featuring on FashionUnited

Have you read our latest article “5 Ways to Avoid Greenwashing and Be Honest About Your Sustainability Effort” on FashionUnited? In this article, we outline greenwashing rules, including best and worst practices.

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FashionUnited is a global B2B fashion platform and features industry news, jobs vacancies, events, trends, data and more. The website is available in 16 languages, is active in over 25 countries and FashionUnited reaches over 1.6 million fashion professionals on a monthly basis. 

FashionUnited reached out to us in August and asked if we would publish an article regarding greenwashing. We explain the term “greenwashing” in the article, as well as how it is utilized in the fashion industry. The article then goes on to examine the requirements for credible sustainability claims set out by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), which include:

  1. Make it crystal clear what sustainability benefit your product has
  2. Back up your sustainability claims with facts and keep them up to date
  3. Comparisons with other products or companies should be fair
  4. Be honest and specific about your brands sustainability efforts
  5. Make sure visual claims and labels are helpful rather than confusing or misleading

For each requirement, further information and examples of how businesses could implement them are then offered.

“Sustainability has become more and more significant in fashion. As consumers have an increased appetite for sustainability, false or misleading advertisements about products being greener have sprung up like mushrooms after rain…”

To read the full article, click on one of the links below:

English: https://fashionunited.uk/news/business/5-ways-to-avoid-greenwashing-and-be-honest-about-your-sustainability-effort-by-rethinkrebels/2021081757196 

Dutch: https://fashionunited.nl/nieuws/business/5-manieren-om-greenwashing-te-vermijden-en-eerlijk-te-zijn-over-duurzaamheid-door-rethinkrebels/2021081750746

No time to read? Watch out video on greenwashing HERE

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